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What can I bring to Drug Rehab?

What can I bring to Drug Rehab?

Drop Off Policy

Family members may drop off any of the following items listed below during visiting hours of 2pm to 4pm on Sundays or send them through the mail to Clients name c/o Tropical Wellness Center, 4700 Dixie Hwy NE, Palm Bay FL 32905 . Items will be received by a staff member on duty. Other arrangements may be approved through a Therapist. Tropical Wellness will search and deem necessary which items are appropriate for the client. If the items are deemed inappropriate or not necessary for the client, then the visitor will be asked to the those items with them upon departure.

To help you pack for your stay at Tropical Wellness Center, we have provided a list  which details quantities of specific items allowed and not allowed.


Some of the items below may be brought, but may not be permitted to be kept on your person. Therefore, some items may be held by staff and stored until needed.


Modest, comfortable clothes are best. Do NOT bring revealing shorts, skirts, halter tops, tank tops, mini-skirts or muscle shirts.  We generally recommend that you pack 7 days-worth of clothing.

___Laundry Detergent – unopened as well as dryer sheets

___7 pants/appropriate length shorts in summer months

___7 blank tee-shirts covering the entire chest, nothing see through and no cleavage

___7 appropriate length dresses with shoulders covered and no cleavage exposure for women

___7 button down or polo type shirts

___10-14 pairs of underwear

___10 Appropriate bras for women

___ 1 Jacket / Coat

___ 1 Belt (Men)

___ Exercise clothes appropriate for daily use. No yoga pants or tight fitting shorts

___1 bathing suit in summer months, one piece appropriate suit for women, board shorts for men

___1 pair of exercise shoes

___1 pair of tennis shoes

___3 pairs of sandals or flip flops

___1 pair of “nice” flat shoes (no heels)

___Appropriate Hygiene Supplies

Allowed Items


1 Tube of Toothpaste (unopened with seal intact)

1 Bottle of Alcohol Free Mouthwash

1 Hair Brush /comb

1 Source of Alcohol Free Hair Products

1 Source of Deodorant / Anti-Perspirant

1 Source of Alcohol Free Lotion

1 Bottle of Alcohol Free Shampoo & Conditioner (unopened with seal intact)

1 Can of Shaving Cream

1 Nail Clipper

1 Package of Disposable Razors or Electric shaver

1 Box of Feminine Hygiene Products (unopened with seals intact)

1 Container of Alcohol Free Body Soap or Bar of Soap

*No Aerosol Sprays, including Deodorant and Hairspray

*Do NOT bring Perfume, Cologne or Aftershave Products containing Alcohol.


Tropical Wellness Center provides all linens that a client should need during their time in treatment.  We do not allow clients to bring any furniture with them into treatment.  This includes sheets, comforters, pillows, towels, and other blankets. You may bring extra pillow if needed.


Due to the structure of the day and to reduce loss, we recommend you bring only the jewelry you wear constantly. *Tropical Wellness Center will not be held responsible if items are lost or stolen. * Bring at your own risk!


Three nutritious meals are provided each day, as are snacks and beverages. Please do not bring additional food or soft drinks. Food and drinks are not allowed in the client’s room. any other requests must be made through the therapist.


Cash/ Credit / Debit Cards / Checkbook

Bring loose change and small bills for the soda and snack machines.

If you smoke, please bring your own cigarettes (30-day programs: no more than 5 packs; 90-day programs: no more than one carton).* We do not supply nor are we able to buy or provide cigarettes to clients.

Stationery and stamps


Alarm clock


Driver’s license, ID, passport, etc.

IPod or MP3 Player

Cell Phone (While in PHP…You will not be permitted to bring cell into individual or group sessions.)

Laptop or tablet

***Any questionable items will require management approval.

Reading Material and Books

To help you focus on recovery, only recovery, self-help and spiritual-based books or reading material is allowed.

Storage Space is not available

A family member or friend must pick up items not allowed or left behind within three business days. Tropical Wellness Center is not responsible for these items.


Visitation days are Sunday’s from 2pm to 4 pm


Alcohol or Drugs


Anything with alcohol mentioned in the first three items of its ingredients


Bleach, Ammonia, or other cleaning supplies

Permanent Markers


Revealing Clothing

Clothing with designs or wording that promotes alcohol, drugs, violence, profanity, or is considered obscene.

Reading material/books outside of recovery-based, self-help or spiritual reading

Rooms will be inspected daily and searched randomly. Discovery of contraband of any sort may result in discharge.


  • Tropical Wellness Center is a private, adult drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility.
  • Licensed by the Department of Children and Families Services (DCF).
  • We provide comprehensive drug and alcohol recovery programs.

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